Bay View Academy Faculty 2017-2018

Head of SchoolKarina
Vice Principal of Upper School  Sarah Angalet
Vice Principal of Lower SchoolAlicia
Student Information Manager
Title IX Coordinator
Cathy Gomes

 Finance Manager (Office Manager) Laurette Blier
 HR/Operations Manager Jennifer Baughn
 Special Programs Manager Sara Shorter
Teachers and Staff

Grade 1Zoe
Grade 1Kristin
Grade 2Joshua
Grade 2Molly
Grade 3Marie
Grade 3Michelle
Grade 4Karmina
Grade 4Alyssa
Grade 5Breslin
 Grade 5  Rachel Howard
Grade 6Kelsey
 Grade 6 Briana Sanford
 Grade 7/8 Humanities Chelsea Lee
 Grade 7/8 Math         Kyle Vierra
 5/6 Math Ivan Threlkeld
7/8 MathVanessa
 Middle School Science Dana Grimm
Spanish (Click to get Spanish blog)Vanessa
Art (Click to get to art blog)Tara
 Music and Performing Arts (grades 5-8) Christiana Meeks
 Academic Advisor Allyson Liggins
Physical Education (grades 3-8)Brian
 Special Education Coordinator Kari Wolf
 Special Education Teacher
 Carla O'Hornett Carla.O'
4th Grade Math/ Math Intervention (Click for Math page)
Kitt Fendrych
ELD Specialist/Physical Education (grades K-2)Jared
Reading Intervention (Click here for web page)Jessica
 Office Assistant Lower School  Patti Martinez
 Office Assistant Upper School Daisy Perez
 FacilitiesEddy Medina
Manuel Mathews
 AidesNicole Frye
Kaitlyn Horca
Jodie Reitz
Malia Rivard
Joss Scofield
Janelle Spitler
Joanna Vaughan
Amanda Wagner