Kevin Ngyuen

Kindergarten - K2 Seahorses
(831) 717-4630
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Mr. Nguyen attended the University of California, Irvine to earn his Masters in Education and Multiple Subject Credential. His interests include sports, music, the outdoors, and traveling. Teaching is not only what he does, but has become who he is. It is a part of his lifestyle that he has committed and dedicated himself to. In his classroom, it is a flexible and secure environment that promotes learning for ALL his students. Students should feel safe in taking risks to explore new learning concepts and strive to become independent thinkers. His classroom is where he can empower students to understand and discover applicable connections from the classroom to the real world. What he expects out of his students is to persevere in their struggles and discover challenges in their strengths. With the common goals, he wants to instill in his students the ability to gain understanding of how to effectively reach learning goals. He does not want  to limit himself in the classroom, but reach the homes and community around him.

  • "Mr Nguyen is the best teacher in the whole entire world. He does fun stuff for us and gets fun stuff for us like zingo and class parties. He has the best class in the whole entire world."  - Blake

  • "Mr. Nguyen is fun that he lets us choose songs and ice cream parties. We wouldn't like to be in a better place than Mr. Nguyen's class. Go Bay View!" - Laila

  • "Mr. Nguyen is cool because he lets us pick random sticks and Bay View Academy is fun because Mr. Nguyen is fun." - Kimberly

  • "Bay View Academy rocks because of all the teachers. Mr. Nguyen is the best!" - Isaiah

  • "I love Mr. Nguyen and he is cool. I'm having fun because the teachers are great. Math centers and Daily 5 helps me learn and have fun!" -Gracie