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"Coach Brian" Wedderburn - Physical Education

Testimonials from 2nd Grade Students:

He calls my brane -> noodle. He lets us play dodge ball.

he maks us keep fit

Testimonials from 3rd Grade Students

I like Coach Brian because he trying to make us healthy.

Couch Brian is the best because he teach us different sports and he teach us healthy living.

We get to play dodge ball, freze-dodge ball, kick ball, and baseball.

What I like about Coach Brian is when he punishes us in PE it's by running laps. Phisical stuff. Phisical Egecation. PE is my favorite time.

He let's us play games and run laps he keeps us healthy. I like him because he's not strict. Plus he is nice sometimes.

He lets us play games.

Testimonials from 5th Grade Students

I like our P.E Teacher because he makes it really fun. He is also really nice to us. We play really fun games and don't really ever run. He makes the school a lot more fun!

I like coach Brian because he's a boss, And he gives me hugs and if we didn't have him we would be stuck in class all day driving our teach nuts. No body wants that. Coach Brian's a Boss

Coach Brian is a inteligent and athletic athleat. He is the most awesome P.e. Teacher. Every body loves him He loves to help us with different sports.