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Ms. Choy - Kindergarten

Testimonials from Kindergartners

I want to stay with Miss Choy forever

I live for you Miss Choy and Miss Choy lives for me.
Miss Choy is my best friend and I am her best friend.
I love you Miss Choy, you are the best teacher, I like being your kid.
I like that she's nice, helpful, and Miss Choy reads us books. Miss Choy helps someone when they need help.

She is always nice and helps kids.

She's fun. She makes me feel happy and good.

After math we get to write in our journals and draw pictures. Ms. Choy writes in her journal too!

Your fun

She teechis us and lovse us

What I like about Miss Choy is she is great.

She has a clip chart

I love Miss Choy

I like Miss Choy

She is the best teacher ever. She is nice. I love her.

I love you Miss Choy

I love Miss Choy because Miss Choy is awesome.

I love Miss Choy because she teaches us our numbers.

I love Miss Choy because she is awesome.

I like journals

She helps us read.

She is great. I love my teacher.