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Ms. Doolittle - 4th Grade

Testimonials from 4th Grade Students

My teacher makes school fun! She takes us on fun field trips where we learn a lot.

Ms. Doolittle teaches us what we need to succeed. I Like her very much.

She is very understanding.

I like how she does hands-on activities in class. I also enjoy the funny jokes she makes and how she is friendly in the fact that if someone trips, she helps them up. She is by far, one of the best teachers I've had in a few years.

My favorite thing about My teacher is that she is very nice and fun. She is my favorite teacher.

She helps us learn new things.

My favorite thing about my teacher is, she is really nice and never gets mad.

My favorite thing about my teacher is the marble jar, because it alow's us to have a freetime, $100 bonus'es Pizza party and other things.

She let's us do the marble jar Where we can do fun things. (If we are doing what we are supposed to.

I like my teacher because she makes things fun and exciting not dull and boring. She let's us be creative when we are learning things and she isn't such a bad drawer.

What I like about ms.D is that she is very kind and is fair with students. I hope I get her next year! :)

She isn't like one of those teachers that's like "Do this and that and that," and if she is she will help you understand it. Also she is fair. She's not like, "your my favorite student so you can come up first," and if a few people don't get the leson she doesn't say "ok next leson, it's only a few people let's keep moving." it's, "ok here is how three leson works," to the people who need Help.

how she teaches math. She makes school fun

My teacher is nica and fun to. She lets use bo lots of experomtes. She dose not yel a lot. She lets us get up to sharpen our penil. She let's use go to the bathroom two times. Ms. D is the best!\

She is very nice and kind.