The staff at BVA is made up of a wonderful group dedicated professionals. Each member of the BVA team posses diverse skills, talents and expertise. Collectively, the BVA staff shares a passion for educating children and a desire to make our community a wonderful place of learning and growing.

2014-2015 Staff

Name Title Location Contact
Elisa Tacconi Principal Main Office
Anna R. Moore          

Kim King

Office Manager
Main Office

Main Office
   Cathy Gomes
    Office Assistant
    Main Office

Kevin Nguyen Teacher, 3rd Grade
Rm K2

    Amy Morgan
    Teacher, 1st Grade
    Rm 1B
Kellie Simms Teacher, 2nd Grade Rm 2A
    Paul Orihuela
    Teacher, 2nd Grade
    Rm 2B

Baylor Leachman Teacher, 3rd Grade Rm 3A
    Jessica Guzzi   Teacher, 3rd Grade   Rm 3B
Alicia Doolittle Teacher, 4th Grade Rm 4
Marc Chaney Teacher, 5th Grade Rm 5
    Karina Barger    Teacher, 6th Grade    Rm 6
Maria De Paolis Teacher, Spanish Campus
    Tara Hookano
    Teacher, Art
Brian Wedderburn Physical Education, Aide Campus/Main Office
Marti Bryan Special Ed Coordinator Campus
   Amanda Wagner
    Special Ed Aide
Rosa Ramirez Lunch AideMulti-Purpose

   Kit Fendrych    
    Math Intervention
    Learning Center
 Kristi Adams                  Reading Intervention    Learning Center 2

  Jared Yoder                  ELD Specialist              Learning Center 2

  Marueen McGuire            Speech                      Campus