Bay View Academy (BVA) is a public, independent K-8 charter school, free and open to all students. BVA was initially authorized by the Monterey County Office of Education in 2011. Founded on the core principles of community, innovation, and a passion for learning, BVA offers a broad academic program using thematic-based instruction. Enrichment offerings include physical education, art, music and performing arts, and Spanish.

Technology and engineering have been at the forefront of our development, both for our Upper School and our Lower School. Our Upper School, in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, and Monterey Makers, participates annually in the BVA TechFest. Our students have opportunities throughout the day to work with professionals exploring 3D Printing and CNC machines, Arduinos, Augmented Reality, mBots, Underwater Rovers, and 3D Printing Pens, to name a few stations. At our Lower School, students participate in Engineering Day. Through our community partners, our youngest learners will have opportunity to spend the day immersed in hands-on engineering challenges that will allow them to build, investigate, and create.

BVA teachers develop and teach lessons that go beyond the state standards. By focusing on differentiation in the classroom, we have continued to work towards closing the achievement gap, and meeting the needs of all of our diverse learners. In addition, Bay View Academy’s community partnership philosophy flourishes, with a multitude of off-site field trips enhancing our students’ educational experience. To learn more about our Academic program, please visit the Academic Tab.
Bay View Academy was the recipient of several grants this year totalling more than $9,500 from Project Helping Hand, the Arts Council of Monterey County and the Community Foundation of Monterey. Through the Monterey County Gives! campaign, our parent contributions again this year earned BVA an additional $31,000. Additionally, we received a $15,000 donation from Nordic Naturals to launch a completely free breakfast program for all students. This has made a significant difference in our ability to ensure that our students basic needs are being met.
Bay View Academy is in year 3 of restorative practices implementation. Restorative Practices allow each member of our community to develop and implement BVA’s core values and allows individuals who may have committed harm to take full responsibility for their behavior by addressing the individual(s) affected by the behavior. In working to avoid such behavior in the future while creating an inclusive BVA community, our goals are to promote peace, develop mutual respect, empathy and cultural awareness of ourselves and all community members.
To ensure we are addressing the whole child as a learner, we have 2 full time Community Support Counselors. These positions have continued to support student social-emotional growth and development by teaching social emotional skills during classroom lessons, providing mental health counseling for students and resources for families. Our counselors work with small groups of students and individuals providing them with skills to navigate the complexities of collaborative learning, individual accomplishments, and peer relationships.
In 2019-2020 we will be formally adopting the Teaching Tolerance Social Justice standards K-8 and will begin revising our thematic units to be experienced through this lens. We held our 2nd annual Curriculum Writing Institute in June 2019 to focus on training teachers on these standards.

The BVA Way

  • We have the courage to have vision.

  • We are mission-driven, highly motivated and maintain the highest expectations for ourselves and each other.

  • We do whatever it takes.

  • We are resourceful, work hard and preserve to overcome obstacles in achieving our mission.

  • We realize that our success is a collective responsibility.

  • We are a community of passionate thinkers, learners, and innovators.

  • We take risks and make mistakes.

  • We ask for help and rely on each other.

  • We are driven to foster equitable, inclusive opportunities.

  • We engage in meaningful, challenging opportunities that develop skills to productively contribute to our community.

  • We share our space and ideas in a culture of honest, productive dialogue, feedback and reflection.

  • We care deeply about each other, our community and the environment.

  • We embrace and implement practices that promote equity and support healthy relationships. 

  • We believe that it is a privilege to educate children.