Dear Bay View Academy families,


Like all California Public Schools, BVA’s funding comes from the State of California plus donations, gifts, and grants. The funds we receive from the State are sufficient to provide quality teachers, principal, and staff, and pay for basic needs such as books, rent, equipment, accounting, and so on.  The staff teaches English, Math, Science and Social Studies, and provides specialized instruction for students in need. At full enrollment, with students attending nearly every day, Bay View Academy lives within its means. Bay View Academy is authorized by the Monterey County Office of Education. One of the many commitments that BVA made to receive this authority was to run a balanced budget. The money that BVA receives from the State is enough to pay for this core program. However, BVA supplements the core program with visual and performing arts, music, and physical education, and there is not enough money to pay for these programs. To balance its budget, BVA committed to raising money each year in this Capital Campaign. With these additional funds, BVA funds its arts and PE program and keeps its promises to its authorizer.  If BVA was unable to raise this money in its entirety, it would put its authorization and its arts and PE programs in jeopardy. So, you can see the importance of meeting this goal.

Bay View Academy’s fundraising efforts are not limited to the Capital Campaign. BVA received a $250,000 federal startup grant for its first year of operation, which was earmarked for opening the school: books, computers, supplies, professional development, and in general, activities that help open the school. In our second year, an additional $120,000 will be received for the same purpose.  While these funds help immensely, they cannot be used to fund the operations of the school.  Similarly, BVA received $19,000 grants from the AT&T Foundation, which are designated for the specific purpose of enriching the Music and Arts programs by purchasing things like instruments and art supplies – but cannot be used to fund the operations of the school. The Monterey Rotary as donated $1,500 for specific uses such as playground equipment. And no, these funds cannot be used to fund the operations of the school either. The Community Volunteer Organization (CVO) conducts fund-raising activities such as Movie nights, Book Fairs, and many others and, of course, the Grand Dame of them all the annual Gala. And… yes, just like grants, these funds cannot be used to fund the operations of the school.  The CVO is free to allocate the funds and works with teachers and parents to invest the money in the classrooms, the grounds, or additional educational activities open for all. The CVO is open to all, and we encourage you to attend its meetings where you can influence its course and its investment decisions. 

Overall, the financial condition of Bay View Academy is healthy, but we rely on the continued contributions of our families and the community to keep our arts and PE programs healthy and meet our commitments to our authorizers.  Will you join us and contribute today? 


Thank you,


Jayme Fields

Treasurer, Bay View Academy

There are several options for donating to BVA.  



You can make a donation online or you can bring your donation to the front office. Just print, complete, and return a donation form at your convenience, or pick one up in the office. Cash, check, credit card, or recurring credit card payments accepted.


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Bay View Academy is a nonprofit public benefit corporation and a 501c3 tax exempt organization for both state and federal tax purposes.