Bay View Academy asks each family to complete 30 volunteer hours per year. Please contact your teacher about where best to help out.  The office can make sure that you have the necessary documents in place.  Thank you for making our community stronger! Please log your volunteer hours online so we can track them for you.


Community Volunteer Organization


Please send an email  cvo@bayview-academy.org if you have any questions.  The monthly meetings are on the calendar on the home page.  Please come and be a part of BVA!

Volunteer Opportunites

Lower School- We're looking for performing artists to present at monthly cultural assemblies.
3rd Grade- Guest speakers who serve in local government
4th Grade- Guest speakers who are on committees in the community
5th Grade- Guest speakers on Native American culture 
7th Grade- Experts in the medical field or disease 
8th Grade- Service Learning mentors and community organizations to partner with

Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; They have the heart.


Of Our Team

Thank You!